Siggraph 2018 Vancouver Day 2


Siggraph 2018 Vancouver Day 1


Clouded Mind Sees Nothing

Typography quote I designed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I first started from a rough draft that I illustrated then I redesigned in Illustrator. Then imported the vector design in Photoshop and replaced the vector cloud with an actual cloud image. I then created three backgrounds for the White & Black and Black & White variations to the last design in color. If you wish to see these images in larger format or other media checkout my website and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, BeHancedGoogle+. Thank you

Clouded Mind Sees Nothing Drawing 01

Clouded Mind Sees Nothing Drawing 02Clouded Mind Sees Nothing Drawing 03Clouded Mind Sees Nothing Vector webClouded-Mind-Sees-Nothing-White-and-Black webClouded-Mind-Sees-Nothing-Black-and-White webClouded-Mind-Sees-Nothing web


F.A.T. Village Arts District

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Images from The F.A.T. Village Arts District