Invicta Subaquanoma IV Wrist Watch 3D Model

I been modeling this Invicta Subaquanoma IV Wrist Watch for some time and I finally finished the top half now I’ll be modeling the wrist band.

Forbidden Planet/4DX

I was in New York City to check out ForbiddenPlanet store and went to Regal Union Square ScreenX & 4DX movie theater for the first time.

Shield Texturing in Substance Painter

After experimenting with ZBrush and Marmoset Toolbag I 3D Modeled a low poly Shield in Maya, sculpted it in ZBrush and baked the Normal Map and Ambient Occlusion Map. I then started to work with Substance Painter to texture the object.

ZBrush To Marmoset

I went through the “Stylized Dungeon Environment” tutorial from 3D Motive and modeled a test Pillar working with Maya and Zbrush and baked the Normals Maps and Ambient Occlusion Maps,then import the low poly object into Marmoset.

Interior Living Room Texture and Lighting

I took a while but I’m finally posting my Textured and Lighting seen in Maya using V-Ray.

Think Tank Training Centre

While I was in Vancouver I visited Think Tank a  School of Visual Effects, Animation and Game Design. Great people and talented students, if anyone is the information is below:

WEB: http://www.tttc.ca

EMAIL: info@tttc.ca

PHONE: 1-888-990-8265


Vancouver Art Gallery


Petersen Automotive Museum


While my trip to Siggraph I visited the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games + Animation.

I was overwhelmed with the environment and resources that was presented to me. I don’t what the future holds but if there’s an opportunity for me to attend this school I’ll take it and for anyone who’s an LA resident I would highly recommend to CHECK IT OUT!


Sigraph Day 2